Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And just a BUNCH of pictures!

So, as I have been going through all of my pictures from our trip, naturally, as I tried to keep them in chronological order, I found a bunch afterwards that I wanted to add.  So, instead of torturing myself and taking all day to make it perfect, I am just adding them in here! 

Toy Story Mania!

The giant ferris wheel got a little high for Lily... ;)

Meeting Mulan

And a stock photo. . . just for fun.  Ha ha.

Meeting Cinderella!

So sweet.  I loved the Ariel character.  She was just like the real one! 

And Tinkerbell! 

THOR.  The guys went to see him while the rest of us were meeting Tinkerbell.  :)

The wish pass saved us over 3 hours of wait time to meet these lovely ladies!  We hadn't seen Frozen yet, but I knew that we would and that Lily and Kayla would love to have a picture with Anna and Elsa!

And here are Benson's dreams coming true!

I was SO glad Buzz was there!

AND Woody!

We LOVED California Screamin!

We got to go on the Little Mermaid ride twice in a row.  We loved all the special treatment we were getting!

Ready for the parade!

Soaring over California was a favorite for everyone!

Lily had a great time dancing at lunch with the mariachi band!

Yes we had a GREAT time on our trip!  It was completely magical and worry free.  We are so grateful for everyone that made it possible-Make-A-Wish, our donors and Kara and Preston for babysitting little babies!  It has been a long hard ride with all Kayla had to go through.  What a fabulous way to celebrate her being done!

SIGH!  LOVE YOU ALL!  Thank you for your love, support and many prayers throughout our experience. 

Now. . . . . I can get a blog book made.  :)